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COM3201 Human-Computer Interaction

2021/22 Semester 2
Midterm Paper
Full marks: 100
Deadline: 1 MAY 2022, 23:59
In this midterm paper, you are going to demonstrate your ability in data analysis. By using the
data collected in your group project, you are going to analyze the data and give a sensible
conclusion from the analysis.
1. Each student should submit one MS Word (doc or docx) file on Moodle. The file
should be named in the following format: COM3201_”your student ID”.docx (e.g.
2. The correct file submission consists 5 marks in the project.
3. 10 marks will be deducted for each day of delay for Late submission.
4. Please send your paper to Veriguide for similarity checking. 5 + 0.5 x S marks (S is
your similarity from Veriguide) will be deducted for any similarity between 30% –
40% inclusively.
5. Zero marks will be given for any submission with a similarity higher than 40%.
6. You can resubmit as many times as you like before the deadline.
1. There is no restriction on the structure of your paper. However, you should contain
at least the following topics in your paper.
a. Outline of your data collection procedure.
b. Describe and elaborate on the basic statistics of your data.
c. Outline the procedure of your data analysis process.
d. Describe and elaborate your analysis results.
e. Suggest the improvement in your study according to the analysis results.
2. Write your paper with not less than 1500 words, but not more than 2000 words.
3. You are not required to replicate your analysis in the group project. You can use the
data and analyze the data in your own way which you think fit. Hence, your analysis
and conclusion can be different with your group mates and presentation in the
group project.
Structure Student is expected to present the content smoothly. The
section and subsection are organized in a logical manner
with a sensible title.
10 marks
Student is expected to present the procedure of data
collection clearly. There should have no ambiguity in the
procedure and audience is expected having the ability to
replicate the data collection after they read the paper.
10 marks
Student is expected to show the analysis clearly. The
information includes but not limited to the reason,
procedure, and statistics in the analysis.
30 marks
Student is expected to describe and explain the results of
the analysis in term of theory and statistics. Discussion on
the impact of the results is also expected in the paper.
30 marks
Student is expected to discuss on the sources and results
form the limitation. Suggestion for improvement is also
expected in the paper.
15 marks
The correct file submission consists 5 marks in the project. 5 marks
Total 100

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