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TRM B311F_2022 Spring_Assignment 3

TRM B311F_2022 Spring_Assignment 3
TRM B311F Principles and Practices of Eco-tourism
2022 Spring
Assignment 3: Extended Essay
Due Date: 18 April 2022 (Monday) 17:00
Length: 1,200 words essay excluding references and appendix; 300 words
Marks: 100 marks (30% equivalent to the final grade)
This is an individual-based assignment. Please read the questions carefully and use your
own words to illustrate the extended essay and reflection writing. The rubric on the next
page outlines the marking criteria. Any content involving plagiarism will be reduced to
zero mark. This assignment is used mainly to assess learning outcomes 1 to 4.
Question for Extended Essay
The tourism industry has suffered immensely under the COVID-19 pandemic due to
global lockdowns and boarder restrictions, hence the travel pattern harnessed for
changes in the post COVID-19 era. Under this circumstance, HKTB exclaimed that
‚ÄúEcologically responsible travel is the way forward.‚ÄĚ According to this statement, do
you think Hong Kong have potential to be a new eco-tourism destination? Please
analysis on community perspective and apply the theories in lectures with discussion.
Question for Reflection
Based on the statement from HKTB, do you reckon yourself as an eco-tourist? Share
your point of view with examples.
Format of the Individual Essay and Reflection
Ôā∑ Your extended essay should be typed or produced on a PC
Ôā∑ Use the designated title page (accessed on OLE- Assignment Files)
Ôā∑ The extended essay should be word-processed and printed on A-4 size paper,
Font size should be 12, single-spaced with one-inch margin on all side of the
Ôā∑ Clear headings and subheadings should be used in each section
Ôā∑ Tables, charts, pictures, images and figures, if any, should be in the appendix
Ôā∑ The extended essay should be properly bond and professionally packaged, It
should be presented in the form of a typical business communication format
TRM B311F_2022 Spring_Assignment 3
Ôā∑ APA reference style should be used

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